Past DCM Experience

For a long time, it was a tradition at District 54 meetings to set aside time in the second January of each panel to hear from past DCMs, who would share with the Trusted Servants "what they saw, heard, and felt". As time has passed and we have found that we cannot always rely on oral testimony, we've created this space for those who have served as District Committee Members to document significant events, so that "we will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it."

1. What were significant accomplishments by District 54 during your tenure?

"We were able to finalize a brochure for AA members who were interested in doing Corrections work. We voted (along with Districts 53 and 55) to end our membership in Combined District 5 as it was a duplication of the NETA and the district felt participation in NETA was most important." - PJ H, Panel 55 (2005-2006)

2. Does any anecdote/event stand out to your during your time as DCM?

"I and another member of District 54 were meeting due to a conflict that was getting acrimonious. We met at an IHOP in Richardson and talked for about an hour-and-a-half. Neither of us were swayed by the others but the contentiousness of the event dissipated during our conversation. As we stood to hug a man in the booth next to us introduced himself as a member of AA from a city outside of the Metroplex. He said he didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he had figured out we were members of AA who were in disagreement on a certain subject. He said “it was incredible to see the principles of this program in action”. We all hugged before we parted company." - PJ H, Panel 55 (2005-2006)

3. How did serving Alcoholics Anonymous at the District level (in any capacity) enhance your life?

"I was introduced to Concept 9 when I was a GSR. Through reading and practicing the essay that is part of this Concept, I was able to identify qualities of leadership that I wanted not just in my AA life, but in my home, professional life and in my community." - PJ H, Panel 55 (2005-2006)


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