D54 Groups

District 54 AA Groups

Below are the A.A. Groups that currently make up District 54. As groups are created or reorganized, this list may change. A.A. group numbers are listed as they are a means of facilitating two-way communication between the groups and A.A. as a whole. For additional information, you can check out the pamphlet P-45: Circles of Love and Service or review our D54 Guiding Principles.

143724 Addison Group Dallas

343303 AA Unity in Recovery Group Plano

112919 Belmont Group Garland

725488 Bring Your Own Big Book Plano

124526 Carrollton Group Carrollton

607640 Clean Air North Group Addison

123314 Dallas North Group Richardson

178370 Garland Clean Air Group Garland

603455 Georgetown Group Dallas

646457 Legacy Group Plano

126363 Lifesavers Group Garland

170086 Living Sober Group Plano

639014 New Freedom Group Carrollton

148293 No Hassle Group Dallas

728283 North Star Group Richardson

126874 O.D.A.A.T. Group Plano

113135 Plano Group Plano

655419 Reaching Out Group Garland

Pending Richardson Big Book Group Richardson

113146 Richardson Group Richardson

610190 Rowlett Group Garland

650061 Sachse Group Sachse

Pending Second Chance Group Carrollton

72065 Smoking Gun Group Dallas