District 54 Officers


There are four elected positions within District 54 that carry out the essential duties of the District that fall outside the scope of the Service Committee chairs and the group representatives. Elected in October of every even-numbered year, they serve a two-year term, or "panel", which runs from January 1 of odd-numbered years until December 31 of even-numbered years. Their titles and a general description of their job duties are listed below.

 DCM (District Committee Member)

According to the A.A. General Service Office pamphlet F-12, "Your D.C.M. (District Committee Member)", "...the DCM is the vital link between the group's GSR and the area service structure, including the area's delegate to the General Service Conference." In that regard, the DCM represents the District as the GSR represents their group. They attend Area Committee meetings where the Area Assembly's agenda is set, and they relay information on upcoming Area and General Service Conference events to the GSRs.

Additionally, within District 54, the DCM is charged with facilitating the monthly District meeting, which includes allowing for discussion on issues to be addressed at upcoming Area Assemblies. They are also the primary caretakers of the District 54 Guiding Principles, and are charged with making sure service committee chair positions are filled.

Alt-DCM (Alternate District Committee Member)

Within District 54, the Alt-DCM has a clearly defined set of duties besides being "DCM backup". They are the custodians of three lists:


The Treasurer for District 54 conducts all financial transactions for the District. As per our Guiding Principles, they also chair the Budget Committee and participate in the year-end process of submitting a budget for the following year, the final form of which is approved in December. They also process all expense forms to reimburse District committee chairs. (A copy of the form is available below.)

The Treasurer also appoints an Assistant Treasurer, who is presented for "disapproval" by the District (meaning it is assumed they get the job unless there is strong opposition).


The District 54 Secretary is much more than a mere record-keeper. By taking minutes and distributing them to the GSRs and Trusted Servants, the Secretary makes all members of A.A. within the District aware of opportunities to be of service to the still-suffering alcoholic.

Minutes for a District meeting are distributed within ten days to each Trusted Servant, to check for accuracy. Minutes are finalized at the following District meeting, where they are saved electronically and posted to this site.

The Secretary also maintains the list of groups within the District and the list of GSRs and Trusted Servants.