District 54 Meetings


District 54 typically meets 12 times per year, on the first Sunday of each month, from 2-4pm. Different groups from around the District volunteer to host these monthly meetings. (Groups unable to host a District 54 meeting, due to hours of operation or group availability on Sunday afternoons, often will 'co-host' a District meeting at a group that can accommodate a Sunday afternoon District meeting). Hosting meetings often encourages interest in the A.A. service structure as anyone can attend our meetings!District 54 encourages the study of Traditions and Concepts. At every District meeting, a brief study of the Tradition/Concept of the month is provided by volunteer members of the District.

District 54 primarily assists in facilitating back-and-forth communication within A.A. as a whole (see the "upside-down triangle" illustration on the left). Reports are give by committee chairs, District officers, and group GSRs (General Service Representatives). Motions for the good of the A.A. Fellowship at the District and Area level are discussed and, when appropriate, voted on.

Our Secretary takes minutes of each meeting. These are distributed to all District 54 groups and their representatives. Any A.A. member can be added to our District's e-mail distribution list upon request. The minutes are posted on this site under the archived minutes tab.