Public Information

According to the AA General Service Office guidelines pamphlet MG-07 on Public Information: "Like all of AA, the primary purpose of members involved with public information service is to carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Working together, members of local Public Information committees convey AA information to the general public, including the media."

We cannot expect those outside our fellowship to know what Alcoholics Anonymous is - and what it is not - without some sort of organized method of conveying this information. While our General Service Office does this through uniform literature and public service announcements, it is up to the individual members of AA to let potential alcoholics outside the rooms know how and where "the hand of AA" can reach out. The District-level efforts usually focus on carrying the message inside educational facilities, at health fairs, or to any other interested parties.

A number of resources are available to anyone interested in carrying the AA message to the general public., most notably the document M-27i, the Public Information Workbook.