How to Contribute

District 54 Contributions

Contributions to District 54 will be accepted from A.A. members and A.A. Groups within our geographic borders.

District 54 will graciously decline contributions from non-alcoholics or anyone other than the A.A. members we serve.

District 54 A.A. members & Group Contributions can be made in two ways:


Send money with Zelle® 

By Mail

Make checks payable to:

District 54

P.O. Box 832252

Richardson, TX 75083-2252

In Alcoholics Anonymous, we contribute with our time as well as our dime. 

The GSO Pamphlet Circles of Love and Service gives an overview of how members in our Fellowship 

work with other alcoholics to Carry The Message in their home group and beyond.

 If you are interested in getting involved in general service at the District 54 level, we invite you to attend the next District 54 meeting. 

You can also contact our current DCM via e-mail or phone. See the Contacts page for more information.