Literature / Intergroup Liaison

For District 54, this position carries two responsibilities. The trusted servant who takes care of this role makes sure there is effective communication between the service work being carried out by District 54 and that being done by the Dallas Intergroup Association. As the two overlap geographically, and because the DIA is the primary point of contact for the general public, it is critical that our efforts are coordinated. This primarily means letting the DIA know which of our members to contact when there are requests for Treatment, Corrections, Public Information and other services that fall within our geographic boundaries (see map).

As DIA also handles our Central Office, where literature is sold to Dallas-area AA members and the general public, the Literature/Intergroup Liaison also keeps District 54 members apprised of new literature and/or changes to existing items. According to the AA General Service Office guidelines pamphlet MG-09 on Literature Committees, one of their primary functions is to "inform groups, district or area assembly members, through displays and other suitable methods, of all available Conference-approved literature, audiovisual material and other special items."